Virtual Programming

The Museum has developed virtual field trip experiences that allow schools, families, churches, mentoring and youth organizations to access its offerings online.

Virtual Tour Options

Choose from a variety of tour options that best suit your needs.

Virtual Museum Tour 

The Museum has put together a virtual tour that spans the collective experience of over 5,000 years, showcasing the rich history of African Americans across continents and across time , from Ancient Africa, the Middle Passage and Slavery,  through Civil Rights and today.

Special Topic Virtual Tour

Join us in a special video tour presentation that focuses on specific topics relating to Black History. Perfect for students and community learning. We currently provide 3 special topic tours: Healing Hearts and Hands, Being Literate. Being Free, and Spy, Soldier, Patriot: Black Women in the Civil  War.

Create a Virtual Tour

You can adjust the tour to fit a certain theme or purpose (for example, Civil Rights; Underground Railroad; Youth Activism; Child Friendly, etc. ). The Museum will gladly attempt to customize our virtual tour to meet your learning objectives.

Special Topic Tours

We provide online, pre-recorded, or facilitator-led professional development opportunities for teachers.
Choose from 3 currently available.

Healing Hearts and Hands.

The wax figure display and related educational programs chronicle the contributions of such medical pioneers as Dr. Daniel Hale Williams, Vivien Thomas, and Dr. Levi Watkins, who contributed enormously to the development of cardiac surgical theory and practice and greatly expanded medical care and career opportunities for black people.  Moreover, black health professionals contributed to the development of blood plasma, (Charles Drew), open heart surgery (Dr. Daniel Hale Williams), cellular research, (Henrietta Lacks),  Kizzmekia Corbett (the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine), and numerous other vital elements of modern health care.

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Being Literate. Being Free

Despite the harshness and cruelty that slavery inflicted on people of color, whether they were enslaved or free, these people derived creative methods to learn to read and write as an essential first step toward freedom.

Frederick Douglass said that it was through reading that he first heard “the silver trump of freedom.”  Thus, it was literacy, the ability to read, write, and understand information, that showed Douglass and countless other blacks the pathway from slavery to freedom.

Through its wax figure exhibition Being Literate, Being Free, The National Great Blacks In Wax Museum will highlight historical personalities for whom literacy was the key to a future of freedom and hope for a people who were coming to understand that “If you would keep a people enslaved, refuse to teach them to read.”


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Spy, Soldier, Patriot: Black Women in the Civil War

American women used their role as domestics to gain enemy war secrets. One such woman was Mary Elizabeth Bowser. Closely associated with Mary is Elizabeth Van Lew, a young white woman who formed a spy ring, educated Mary, and then recruited a literate Mary to serve as a spy in the Confederate White House of President Jefferson Davis.

 With a photographic memory and the ability to read and write, Bowser was able to access a wealth of Confederate secrets, which she passed on to Union forces. 

Consequently, Mary Bowser, along with Elizabeth Van Lew and countless other Women— Black and White, played a vital role in preserving the United States of America.

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Age & Grade Related Tours

Are you a teacher, youth facilitator, or educational worker? We offer virtual programs for student participation in distance learning from home and virtual programs for students in a physical classroom.

Grade K–5

Online, pre-recorded field trips for grades K-5. This kid-friendly tour takes kids on a journey from Ancient Africa to the modern day.  On the way, they engage in activities designed to enhance their understanding and allow them to reflect on what they have learned.

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Grade 6–Adult

Online, pre-recorded field trips for Middle School through Adult learners. This virtual tour spans the collective experience of over 5,000 years, showcasing the rich history of African Americans across continents and across time, from ancient Africa, the Middle Passage, and Slavery, through Civil Rights and today.


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360 Audio Tour

360-degree audio-guided tour of the Museum for individuals, allowing one person or a small group of five or less to get a close-up look at the Museum’s culturally rich content.





See below for pricing information regarding our Virtual Field Trip Tours.

Maryland Schools

All Maryland schools can explore our Virtual Field Trips FREE.  This includes students, teachers, and chaperones. The Virtual Tours range from 30-45 minutes and are facilitator-led.

Non-Maryland Schools

The Group rate for Non-Maryland Schools is as follows: 

  • K–5: $3 per person for a 30 minute, facilitator-led tour
  • Middle School: Adult $4.50 per person for a 45 minute, facilitator-led tour
  • Individuals: Mainly for Middle School through Adults. $6.00 per person.  Visitor managed.

CDC guidelines related to COVID-19 protocols require that all visitors, individuals as well as groups, have a registration. Limited slots are available for groups.  To schedule a Virtual or Online Field Trip, fill out our Field Trip Request Form. Registered Teachers and Group Tour Coordinators will be sent a link, password, and suggested follow up activities.

In person visiting available

The National Great Blacks in Wax Museum is currently open with appointment only hours. We clean and sanitize daily with hourly sanitizing of high touch areas, restrooms, and entry doors.

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$14 College Students (with ID)
$14 Mid-level Students (12–17)
$12 Children 3–11
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